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What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent agent works with multiple insurance companies to offer an entire suite of insurance products to meet consumer needs. Captive agents work with just one insurance company, offering only the products offered by that specific company.

This is why we’re better for you…

More choices and competitive prices. One of the biggest advantages of working with an independent agent is the variety of choices you can offer to your clients. Providing multiple policy options from several different insurance companies allows you to present the most competitive prices. You are like a “value hunter” — researching the best price, coverage and service for their specific needs. Since rates vary widely from carrier to carrier, you can generally get the very best deals for your client.

Personalized service and unbiased advice. We all know the insurance industry is very complex, with a lot of confusing, technical jargon. If a customer is not familiar with how the process works, a large company can end up taking advantage and not having their best interests in mind. As an independent agent, you work with the customer on a personal level and advise them to make the best choices based on their individual needs. It is your business to understand how things work and communicate this to your customers so they understand it as well.

Peace of mind. Whether your clients’ need home, renters, auto, business, life or health insurance, you provide a variety of policy types under one roof. You are present for your clients ups and downs, including filing claims. You provide peace of mind by leading them through the complex insurance claim process with ease, unlike larger agencies, whose focus is on specific insurance companies with tighter protocols.

In the end, the most important thing to remember is that you know your customers by name, not by their policy number. As independent agent, you treat them like a person and have a stake in keeping them happy by meeting their individual needs.

Our agency provides a wide range of insurance products to assist customers with all their needs.

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